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Boat equipment options

Nowadays the equipment than can be found in a boat is almost endless. The only constraints seem to be space and money.

We have tried to list some of the options available below which your boat broker or surveyor can help you understand.


Water tanks can be stainless or mild steel with polythene liners. Distribution systems by pumps through filters and the pressure regulated by an accumulator.


These come in various options: Porta Potti, pump out, manual flush, electric flush, electric macerator.

Water Heating

From the engine through a Calorifier - instant gas - back boiler - from central heating.


Central heating: Solid fuel, gas, diesel, hot air, radiator, convector.


This is 12v or 24v boat systems from batteries charged by one or more alternators, solar panels or a wind generator.

240v systems supplied from: inverter, generator, shoreline.


These will have items such as:

Cooker: Free standing,  fitted, gas, diesel.
Electric microwave.
Fridge : 12v, 240v, gas.
Freezer: 12v or 240v electric.
Washing machine: Rating dependent on supply available.
Dishwasher - Rating dependent on supply available.
Storage - How much will you need?

Bow thrusters

Operated by electric or hydraulics.


Boat Sales

Modern marine engines, suitable for canal boats, are usually based on vehicle or plant engines specially marinised. The differences occur in the cooling system with either keel cooling (more usual on canals) or raw water cooling which uses canal water and can be prone to blocking. GRP or river cruisers may have an inboard engine like a canal boat or an outboard engine.

If you are new to boating this all probably sounds very confusing, however we will be very happy to help you through the jargon and make it all as easy as ABC. You can find more information and the costs of many of these items at or our Marinas will be happy to advise or quote.